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E-Z-Arm Headset - Diffuser Style

The E-Z-Arm Headset is a very comfortable oxygen delivery device that provides oxygen to the nose and mouth without direct contact with the face or ears.  No ear loops to cause discomfort and no nasal prongs in the nostrils.  The diffuser remains about 3/4 of an inch from nose and mouth.  Eat, drink or speak comfortably with the headset in place.

E-Z-Arm is easy to use.  Connecting tubing slides onto the port on the headset.  The clear head band adapts to right or left sided positioning, and is adjustable for a comfortable fit.  Headset allows for flow settings from 1 to 15 LPM,  and is lightweight, odorless and Latex free.   Nasal cannula arm is also available.
Single barbed "pressure type" connector fits standard barbed outlet.  Not for pulse dose machines or liquid oxygen units.

Due to sterile nature of product, headsets are not returnable.

PRICE  -  $29.00  -  FREE SHIPPING

Item #EZ-D

Price $29.00